Westward Expansion!

The Bisbee family decided to expand our horizons by getting a month long look at some Western States. Also thinking it may be a watershed event in family togetherness. Basically if we don't kill each other, we must be stronger, right?

Monday, June 21, 2010

What are we thinking??

Who had this crazy idea to go for a whole month out west??  There is no way I can get ready in just a week!  Today I found out that it costs $34 to mail a smallish box out to Denver, better to pay the $25 extra baggage fee me thinks...Alas, that does not bode well for speedy packing done a week early. Rats!  Plus, today I almost had to trip the kids.  They were arguing over who got to (read "had to")  wheelie my boxes into the new office.  Ella, who helped the most got  a leftover Gatorade from the fridge that we were cleaning out.  I am too freaking nice to her.  Must not have her get used to it~

Man I have a lot to do and here I am procrastinating on the computer..wait I am calling it "Loading the new I Touch" (there is no way we can listen to country music for a month straight with killing each other).  That sounds more like partaking in the packing processes, dontcha think?

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