Westward Expansion!

The Bisbee family decided to expand our horizons by getting a month long look at some Western States. Also thinking it may be a watershed event in family togetherness. Basically if we don't kill each other, we must be stronger, right?

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Park City Tour

We had  a lovely tour from Rory of Park City including all his projects and exclusive ski resorts at the top of the mountains. The boys are getting along great; like two peas in a pod.  Last time Nick spent the night here and now they're talking about spending the night at Nick's house.  They also made us go back to the mining museum (very cool) so they could blow up the mountains and see the holographic WANTED posters.  We wandered around and saw more of the cool mining history around PC.  Rory is very knowledgeable about the process, having gone through the work to get the mines safe around this beautiful resort we're staying at.  We went to a great brew pub and had some delicious brews. My favorite name was Polygamy Porter (you can't have just one!)

Ella was in a much better mood, and gave us no problem (unlike yesterday) and Quinn was thrilled to be with his buddy.  Rory is great.  We had lots of conversations about Middlebury, people we know, and his new life here in Park City.  He is a very astute, kind and honest businessman I suspect.  He is also a great dad.

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